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The EFDSS  was formed in 1932 from the merger of the Folk-Song Society (of whch Lucy was a founding committee member in 1898, and long term Editor of its Folk-Song Journal) and the more youthful English Folk Dance Society which had been founded in 1911.Its purpose was and is to preserve, promote and develop folk arts, and specifically song, tune and dance.

Classic Folk

"Classic Folk" is a weekly,two-hourly radio programme hosted by Mike Norris (a former chairman of the English Folk Song and Dance Society) featuring a wide range of traditional and contemporary music both from the UK and abroad. It is broadcast by the Wireless radio station (run by Age UK from London), and is also listenable to as a podcast of the EFDSS website in the week after its initial broadcast.

Link to the EFDSS website podcast

East Anglian Traditional Music Trust

The Trust's website

The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust is a registered charity based in Suffolk, which aims to promote awareness of and participation in the folk music traditions of East Anglia.It is based in Stowmarket and provides and promotes many events and workshops in the East Anglian workshop. An interesting and information packed website.

Details of the most recent events, such as the Traditional Music day can be found therein. Well worth a visit

The Attic Tapes - Ralph Jordan's website

Sadly Ralph died on 3 January 2014. He was ever present on the folk scene for around 40 years, and was a skilled multi instrumentalist and accompanist and sound engineer. He put this website up in 2010 shortly after completing production of his only solo CD Eloise (multi-instrumental, featuring Maccann duet concertina, bouzouki, guitar, harmonium, hammer dulcimer).It has an interesting mix of sound clips featuring works that he has recorded in his capacity as sound engineer/producer, and music that he has recorded in collaboration with others. There are still a few copies of the CD available and the website provides details of how to acquire one. I can heartily recommend it.

"Rarely have I heard a recording which conveys such levels of artistry and enjoyment in equal measure"
English Dance and Song (EDS) Winter 2010 edition.

Shirley Collins - Official website

The official website of Shirley Collins, MBE and President of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

The Music Institute Club, Guildford
The Music Institute is a folk club which meets in Guildford twice a month (at slightly varying intervals).I am currently one of the organising committee of the club, the resident raffle ticket seller ( extortion of money with a smile), and one of the resident singers. The link will also take you to the home address for Electric Voices, organisers of quality folk and traditional music orientated events at the Electric Theatre in Guildford (which is where the name was originally derived from) and at Farnham Maltings in Surrey. Full details of the forthcoming programme for those and other venues can be found on the website.

Traditional Song Forum  -

A "
gateway to a number of useful resources for those interested in researching or performing traditional folk songs. It is also a record of the Forum'sactivity since it was founded in 1997. " The TSF is a national organisation based in the UK that brings together those interested in the research, collecting and performance of Traditional Song.

Broadwood Morris were founded in 1972, having been given permission by Lucy Broadwood's nephew Captain Evelyn Broadwood to use the family's name in commemoration of Lucy. Their baldrics feature the family crest, and they generally perform in and around the Horsham area, and for many years now have been regular performers in the seasonal show "Maypoles to Mistletoe" which began in Crawley and has been performed there now for over 40 years, and is also the longest running seasonal production to be performed at the Electric Theatre in Guildford. It's never Christmas without it.
And Boxing Day sees them performing the Sussex Mummers play which was collected by Lucy Broadwood in Rusper itself.

Rusper Village Church

The church of St Mary Magdalene in Rusper can be traced back to at least 1200, although it appears likely that it may have been the site of a Benedictine nunnery during the century prior to that. The Broadwood family had a close relationship with the village and in the mid 1800s offered to rebuild the church. The offer was accepted, and the entire church ,with the exception of the tower was rebuilt by them. There are a number of memorials dedicated to various members of the family, including an alabaster memorial to Lucy Broadwood, designed by Thomas Clapperton. Lucy was the church organist and choir mistress from the age of 14 to her mid 20s, and on May 1st every year the Broadwood Morris Men dance in the church, and hang a wreath on her memorial plaque in her honour.
The church website gives a very detailed description of the history of the church, as well as details of parish news.

Sabine Baring-Gould Appreciation Society

A very informative site with masses of information about the Rev Sabine Baring-Gould - folksong collector, squarson of Lew Trenchard in Devon, copious author (at one time he had more books on the catalogue of the British Library than any other author), and writer of the hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers". An interesting personality.And a well organised site.

Borfolk Club -

Herein lies the heart and soul of the tradition. Check these pages out for details of our wonderful English tradition of music and song, and for details of one of the finest clubs you may never have had the chance to visit. (Neither have I, as far as that goes.) Oh, and be sure to find a good free Anagram solver on the web.

( A hint - try not to be too serious when perusing this website! )

Surrey History Centre

The Surrey History Centre in Woking, Surrey is a wonderful resource. Well designed and thought out, with helpful and friendly staff, it is a joy to work and research in ! Well worth a visit.

Guildford Choral Society

One of the oldest choirs in the South East of England, having been founded in the reign of Queen Victoria in 1839. I joined this choir in the early 1980s when the singing strength was around 80. These days the choir fields around 200 singing members for large events, and the orchestras used are some of the best in the country, including the Royal Philharmonic, the London Philharmonic, and the BBC Concert Orchestras amongst others. The choir normally performs in Guildford, but has also appeared at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, as well as in Brussels. Several commercial recordings by the choir are available on Hyperion Records and Naxos Records.

The site for Hilary Davan Wetton - conductor of the City of London Choir,and Emeritus Conductor and Music Director of Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestra and Guildford Choral Society (amongst other things). An inspirational conductor, and keen promoter of English classical music (again, amongst other things). I owe my 28 years of association with Guildford Choral Society to the hard work he (and Associate Conductor then, David Gibson) put us through, and the challenge of some of the repertoire. A musical good egg!!

Paul and Liz Davenport -

Home of Paul and Liz Davenport, singers of traditonal songs, and songs in that idiom, who perform either as a duo or with their son Gavin Davenport.

English folk and traditional music on the internet -,

Martin Nail's website - a cornucopia of information on all things folk and traditional music orientated.

Keith Kendrick -

Exponent of both the Anglo and English concertinas; great singer, and man of Derbyshire.