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   taken by Doc Rowe at English Country Music Weekend ,Ampthill, 2009

I have been singing for pleasure as long as I can remember, and was a member of a number of choirs over the years from the age of 8, performing in varied venues in Guildford, London and elsewhere, and making a number of commercial recordings with Guildford Choral Society as part of their semi-chorus.From 1990, however,my principal passion from childhood, traditional folk song and music, began to take over.

Somewhere along the way I also began research into the life and work of the late Victorian/early Edwardian folksong collector and researcher, Lucy Broadwood . (This has inevitably spilled over into some research into other Broadwoods - Rev John Broadwood and Henry Fowler Broadwood and other collectors since she was very much the pivot around which much of the first folk revival revolved.). The role of public speaker has been added to my singing pursuits, and I am happy to spread knowledge about her life and work.

This site provides further information on my singing background and previous work, a few soundbites and a little more detail about Lucy Broadwood, together with my contact details should you wish to book me in either my singing or public speaking capacities.

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